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Inside Joke Brings 400,000+ Hits

October 3, 2013

What a day, Just thought I’d share some the reaction to the Pick Six Adventure. First please know how innocent this all started. Two employees make an inside joke and then it somehow gets posted to Facebook and then…Boom! over 400,000 hits from far and wide across the world. We were on Sportscenter, Mike and Mike, NY Times, NY Daily News, Yelp, Jay Mohr and all the local shows – both radio and TV. Our managers gave over 50 interviews with outlets from across the country. Whew! All over a single post between two guys… And, of course my mailbox began filing early and often. Calls and messages and texts from everyone and everywhere! The good news is that of the hundreds of messages we received about 80% were lighthearted and funny; maybe 15% were negative but not snotty and then maybe 5% were just plain ugly…probably just like real people in all walks of life. We’ve tried to answer all the messages good and bad and I want to say thank you to so many who responded back after they had heard the ‘facts’ of the episode. Our regular customers in particular were just awesome – thank you all. One thing I do wish out of all of this. If there’s someone out there who knows how to get ahold of either Matt or the Texans – please let them know how almost everyone we talked to in this adventure had Matt and the Texans’ back. I can assure you they all believe he’s still our guy. Tell him not to let that ‘ugly 5%’ drown out the very vast majority who support him and the Texans! Best to all, Gary Adair Skeeters

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Everyone at Skeeter’s Loves the Texans!

October 2, 2013

For the record, everyone at Skeeter’s LOVES the TEXANS! What started out as a joke between managers, went viral. We apologize to Matt and all the Texans fans. As reported by, “The Schaub Burger Hoax. Hate him or really don’t like him (right now), the idea of a Houston-area Matt Schaub Burger is all sorts of wrong. Skeeter’s appeared to be poking fun at Texans quarterback Matt Schaub by allowing locals to pick six toppings for their burgers and “pay dearly for them.” As reported by USA Today Sports, it’s a “reference to an interception Schaub threw to Richard Sherman in Sunday’s game against the Seahawks, an interception that Sherman returned for a touchdown, allowing the Seahawks to claw back into the game and eventually win in overtime.” They go on to say: “Or it could also be a reference to the fact that Schaub has thrown a pick-six in three straight games. Either/or, really.” After that game Schaub deleted his Twitter account and some Texans fans burned their jerseys in the Reliant Stadium parking lot. Eater contacted Skeeter’s today, and the general manager at the Weslayan location says that it was all a joke and something the company does not condone. He says that an employee at the Woodlands Skeeter’s posted the chalkboard image on his Facebook page, but that the hoax didn’t go over too well with the company.”

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Vote for us Today!

September 11, 2013

Houstonpress-sk call for votes

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